Promicron MCS Software

MCS Software

The MCS software is an efficient and easy-to-use tool. It was designed for semi and fully automated microscopes with a digital camera and additional hardware such as a scanning stage, wafer robot, prealigner and ID reader.

Features (as far as supported by microscope):

  • Scanning stage control
  • Full integration of microscope and camera into the operating software
  • Handling of the microscope by mouse
  • Magnification, contrasting techniques, focus, light and aperture control
  • Scalable high-resolutionlive image
  • Interactive measurements: dual hair cross, length measurements, circle / radius, angles, areas
  • Display of text or graphics (e.g. hair cross)
  • Automatic parfocal adjustment (with motor focus only)
  • Automatic recording of focus stacks and EDOF calculation (extended depth of focus)

MCS is prepared to grow with your wishes and requirements. From fully automatic micro-inspection stations to high performance optical measuring instruments with nanometer resolution, it offers a uniform, intuitive user interface.


Incident Light
  • MCS Software Suite for inspection, review and a wide range of measuring tasks: structure widths, overlay, layer thicknesses, edge heights and surface profiles 
  • Scanning stages for ultra fast SCANNING ON THE FLY


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